3 Ways Video Evidence Can Make Or Break Your Injury Case

Two decades ago, it was very rare to find a video recording of an accident. Technology has changed a lot over the years. Today, traffic video cameras are rolling round the clock in many places. You also have individual motorists and passengers who enjoy taking videos when they are moving on the highway. When an accident happens, these cameras record everything leading up to the accident.

If you have been hurt in a car accident and suspect that video evidence will feature in your settlement hearing, contact a car accident lawyer. Here are three ways in which videos can make or break your case and why you might need to use a service like ours.

How Social Media Videos Can Hurt Your Case

The first thing that insurers and the other party will do when they are presented with your claim is to try and discredit it. The insurer is in business to make money, and this means that they are not sitting there, waiting to hand out money to everyone.

Once you start posting videos and photos of the accident on social media, they will go down that rabbit hole, talk to your friends and family and look for all reasons why you should not get compensated.

Consult your lawyer before making any posts, and in case someone else uploads the video online, show it to your lawyer immediately. They will gauge how damaging it can be.

How Surveillance Videos Can Hurt Your Case

Some insurers and adjusters are very aggressive when handling their cases. The moment you make a claim, they will have someone following you around to see if you mess up. They can be so invested in your case that every activity you take part in will be placed under the microscope and used against you in court.

From the moment you file your claim to the time you get a settlement, you have to be careful about your interactions.

What to Do if the Video Is Already in the Opponent’s Hands

Video evidence is also very subjective at times. Suppose, for instance, that the person who took the video started rolling the camera after the other party had rear-ended you and recorded you stepping out of the car and yelling at the other driver. In that case, the recorded part might hurt your case.

Ask a lawyer to guide you on how to strike all incriminating videos off the record.

Discuss any matter connected to video evidence of an accident as soon as you hire the lawyer. With a great lawyer’s guidance, you minimize the possibility of losing the case.

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