My name is Michael Schwarz and I have been in the film/documentary business for over 6 years. My passion is telling real stories that have impact. I was born and raised in Oklahoma City and graduated from Bishop McGuinness.

I attended college in Arkansas and graduated with a BA in Mass Communications and Digital Filmmaking. After graduating, I was offered a job by a company in California to travel to Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Africa and Alaska to document a cast of 40 performers as they traveled to schools teaching students of all ages the importance of music and dance. My task was to film/interview and edit a video every 3 days.

After a year, I was offered a position in Los Angeles as a Videographer/Editor for a full service litigation company that specialized in Settlement Documentaries/Wrongful Death Videos, etc. In this position, I interviewed victims and their families allowing them to visually tell their stories.

Earlier this year, after completing an assignment in Europe where I interviewed families who lost their loved ones in the Boeing 747 Max crashes in 2019, I made the decision to move back to Oklahoma. I want to utilize my talents to provide a high quality video litigation service for the Oklahoma legal community.

By request, I can send samples of my work showcasing the products I can provide. These videos are designed to be utilized on any size case ($20 Million or $100,000) and any type of case (Auto Accidents, TBI, Wrongful Death, Burn Victims, Sexual Harassment, etc.) to help demonstrate damages, liability, loss of income and the emotion you are prepared to bring to trial. They can be shown during Mediation or sent with your demand letter. In California, along with many other states, I have witnessed the videos multiply case values by 5x or they settled for 7 figure settlement instead of the low 6 figure that was originally offered.

In my time working in California, I have interviewed over 300 families, Doctors, Experts, Etc and put together over 100 legal documentaries that helped families get the money they deserved.

I am local to Oklahoma City, can be ready at a moment’s notice, provide a high quality product and can guarantee a lower rate. In addition, I pride myself in taking the added time/effort to ensure families are treated with respect and dignity, which helps ease them through the filming process.

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