Celebration of Life Videos

Remember Your Loved Ones With A Celebration of Life Video

Here at Prairie Nation Creative 80% of our video work involves emotion and people experiencing the worst moment of their lives. We make our clients comfortable in expressing those emotions on or off camera. We are not just there to do a job but to create something special to bring a glimmer of light to a dark time. 

Whether it be for a funeral, anniversary, special event, or just because and you want to highlight a family member, friend, spouse etc. Prairie Nation Creative is here to help.


Telling the story of a love one should be entrusted to some of their closest friends and family. Thats why we are prepared to interview anyone, whether it be a 6 year old child or a 100 year old person. We take care of all of our clients and interviewees.

Home Videos

Have home videos or VHS tapes that show some of lifes precious moments and want to include it in your Celebration of Life Video? We will take great care of your memories and have the ability to even convert VHS tape video to CD to give you at the end of production, free of charge.


We will gather photographs from friends and family to include in a Celebration of Life video. Physical photographs can be scanned to be included in the video as well.We know that you are trusting us with some of your most prized possessions and will respect and protect these at all cost. 


There is no right or wrong time for a Celebration of Life Video. At any point during your healing process we are prepared to come in and create something that will last forever. With a quick turnaround we can have your video prepared in time for any important event or date.