Dame Fortune’s Cottage Court | Restored

Andie Roberts worked hard to restore the Abandoned Cottage Courts in Hot Springs, AR.

Historic Preservation Case Study | Marketing Video

Located in Hot Springs, AR, this district of motor courts, known as the Cottage Court, is just off of Highway 7 near downtown. Sitting vacant and boarded up since 2007, new owner Andie Roberts began renovating the property in 2017. It’s stories like this one and the amazing history that the people and the places of Hot Springs have to offer, that Roberts wants to preserve.

Thanks to her efforts, this gem now known as the Dame Fortune’s Cottage Court was fully restored offers top-of-the-line customer service. The personality and atmosphere experience here isn’t that of your average everyday motel.  


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ABANDONED Cottage Court Saved!

Dame Fortunes Cottage Court
Courtesy of the Arkansas Historic Preservation Program

Growing up in Texas, Andie Roberts and her family would often travel up to Hot Springs for family vacations. Roberts has a deep-rooted love for the beautiful town and after graduating from college in Nashville, Tennessee, she decided to return to the sight of so many of her treasured memories. Since she was twenty, Roberts has always had the urge to buy old motels and fix them up. 

Before purchasing the old Cottage Court, she had traveled to Hot Springs to negotiate buying a different property. Roberts wanted a sign, something from the universe to tell her that she was meant to help restore the rich history of Hot Springs, and that’s when she stumbled upon the long forgotten boarded up Cottage Court motel.

Shortly after she closed negotiations and began thinking about the restoration of the old motel, a visitor from the Cottage Court’s past appeared searching for the old building. Roberts learned that this woman had stayed at the original Cottage Court when she was a child and has been searching for it ever since. It’s stories like this one, and the amazing history that the people and the places of Hot Springs have to offer, that Roberts wants to preserve. 

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