Audio/Video Enhancements

Audio & Video Enhancements

If you have a terrible quality video or muffled audio that can hardly be understood, fear not because we can help! With our years of experience in film we are able to turn your confusing and chaotic video into something that flows and is easily understood by jury and judge. We can do an enhancement on audio/video, sync clips, insert callouts, slow/speed, and more!

At left is an example of our Syncing Clips service, which allows us to compile a cohesive and easy-to-understand video. The example shows footage from multiple different bodycams from a police department. In addition to syncing the clips so that the jury and judge can better understand what is going on in the video, we have added callouts as well to make sure no important movements are missed. We can also sync clips of the taped video deposition which is very helpful to get right to the point and cut out any unnecessary portions of the depo.

**PLEASE BE ADVISED that all samples have been produced and uploaded with the knowledge of the subjects and legal parties. Some names and details have been redacted by the request of the attorneys. More samples can be provided upon request.

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