The Abandoned Atlas Foundation

Prairie Nation Creative is a proud sponsor of the AAF, which are a team of historical preservationists that are dedicated to preserving the rich past of OK. Through photography, research, and documentation, we are able to capture the memories and untold stories of these disappearing locations. We want to create a historical database of historic information so that when these buildings are demolished, burned down, reclaimed by mother nature, or restored, they are never forgotten. We are passionate about preservation and through donations, volunteers, and determination we aim to bring life back into these historic structures. | |

Videos we produced for the AAF

I was very honored to work with The Abandoned Atlas foundation and the Oklahoma Historical Society to produce an educational documentary about the original Page Woodson/Douglass High School building in OKC. I am proud to say now that this video is now used for The Auditorium at Douglass’ pre-show line-up.