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Settle FASTER and WIN MORE for your client! Los Angeles Filmmaker moves back to his home state, Oklahoma.

– By Michael Schwarz via Tulsa Bar Association’s “Tulsa Lawyer Magazine” – August 2020 issue.

Money isn’t everything but it helps your client and loved ones heal from their loss. There is no better way to convey your client’s pain and loss than by capturing it on video to show the damages suffered by your client and their families. It is not practical to invite the defense to your client’s house at 5 or 6 in the morning to observe their daily struggles from dawn to bed. That’s why it is increasingly popular and necessary to use powerful and effective Day-in-the life, Settlement Documentary and Wrongful Death Portrait videos. These services are carefully produced to showcase a high quality and comprehensive TV/News/60 minutes style documentary to portray your case through the eyes of your clients, friends and family members.

Behind the Scenes of a Settlement Documentary Production.

It’s no secret that personal injury attorneys handling automobile accidents, habitability, wrongful deaths, medical malpractice, etc. have used videos for their cases for years, but until now, most have only used video presentations on cases valued at $500,000 or more because of the production expense. Out of state companies charge a premium because of travel expenses and overhead.

About Prairie Nation Creative, LLC and my Background/Experience

I offer low cost and high-quality video services. I am a “born and bred” Oklahoman, I have a degree in Digital Filmmaking/Mass Communications from the University of Central Arkansas. I moved to Los Angeles for 4 years to work for a company that specialized in Settlement Documentaries, Day-in-the-life and Wrongful Death Video Portraits. I have worked on video shoots in many states in the U.S. I traveled the world to work on videos created for litigation and charities in Mexico, Canada, Australia, Singapore, South Africa, France, Scotland and Armenia.

An image from our personal injury videos for attorneys in Oklahoma City, OKEarlier this year, I completed a large-scale assignment in Europe interviewing families who lost loved ones in the Boeing 747 Max crashes in 2019.

I moved back to Oklahoma to provide high-quality video litigation services for the Oklahoma legal community. My videos have a proven track record. I have seen first-hand how they enhanced the settlement value of cases for top Personal Injury attorneys. Their cases settled faster and more favorably!

With over 6 years’ experience as a documentary film producer, my passion is telling real stories with impact. I understand the importance of your client’s story in your demand letter, mediation and trial. I am local, offer attractive pricing, superior service, and unequaled product quality. I pride myself in offering cost effective rates for all case values. I know you will settle your case for more money with an impactful video.

I work with you to design a video to be utilized on ANY size case ($20 Million or $50,000) and any type of case (Auto Accidents, TBI, Wrongful Death, Burn Victims, TBI, Sexual Harassment, etc.). There is no more effective way to demonstrate damages, liability, loss of income and the legal energy and emotion you will bring to trial. I have witnessed videos multiply case values by 5x or result in a 7-figure settlement instead of the 6-figure settlement originally offered before the video was shown to the defense.

Behind the scenes of a Settlement documentary (Interviewing the family)

In my time working in this field, I have interviewed over 300 families, doctors, experts, Etc. and put together over 100 legal documentaries that helped families get the money they deserved.

In addition, I pride myself in taking the added time/effort to ensure families are treated with respect and dignity, which helps ease them through the filming process. I would like a chance to show your firm how these videos can help multiply the value of your cases!

Personal Injury IMPACT videos

Day-in-the-life Video

Show your opponents a glimpse of your clients’ damages, limited routines and activities of daily living with Day-in-the-Life videos. The simple yet powerful tool that can have a profound effect on the jury, insurance adjusters and opposing council in poignantly communicating the damages. (Can be admitted into court as evidence)

Settlement Documentary

Get the message across with our engaging documentary news/dateline/60 minutes style storytelling, to help portray your case through the eyes of your clients, friends and family members. With this creative and affordable tool we can help you describe the damages with a narrated script, family interviews, and establish expert liability themes with a dramatic edge that can make the winning impact. These are perfect personal injury videos for lawyers in Oklahoma City, OK.
Useful in almost every type of case: Auto Accidents, TBI, Medical Malpractice, Burn injuries, Habitability, Product or Premises Liability, Sexual Harassment and many more!

Wrongful Death Portraits

It is a tragedy when someone dies due to the negligence and carelessness of someone else. The dramatic edge narrated script, family interviews, and expert liability themes, send your opponents a clear message by conveying the emotional impact of your case in ways that words can’t describe.

At what stage in my case should I order a video?

Any stage! It’s never too late to incorporate these services into your trial preparation. But, from my experience, the earlier the better. Sending a video with your demand letter shows you are a serious advocate for your client from the “get go”. You can also show video in your mediation. If you decide later you need edits or changes. I can edit your video as your case moves towards trial or settlement.

Can your footage be subpoenaed?

Yes, but only the Day-in-the-Life footage. The interviews with families and everything else I produce has been considered work product by courts. This is why when I film Day-in-the-life footage, I record nothing but their daily routines. In the raw footage, you will never hear me talking to your client or if they start to talk to me, I immediately stop recording. Out of the 300 videos I produced or edited, only one was subpoenaed for the raw footage. It’s rare, but I treat every project with care, just in case a subpoena issues.

How do I order a video?

Email me or call me anytime! You can also visit the “Video Order form” (CLICK HERE).

If you need a video rushed, I can accommodate your need. I have worked on many projects and have had to “rush” a project from film to completion in two days.

Contact info:

Michael Schwarz

Phone: 405-650-0005



Other Services I provide.

PR / Marketing / Testimonials

Create an online video presence with PR and Firm 4K HD videos highlighting your professional brands, products, services and your previous wins with client testimonials.

Drone Cameras

With helicopter drone video, the sky is no longer the limit! With our 4K HD quality you get the evidence you need in on-site disputes hovering over from above in property complaints and premises liability cases, our drone camera can be extremely useful in large-scale projects.

Site Inspection

Capture high-definition visual evidence for your case with our professional team of videographers and experts who use high resolution photo and video cameras to capture and measure the product or places. Day or night, we’ll record quality video inspections on-site, interiors, vehicles, properties, under water, outdoors, products and custom orders. We’re prepared for any condition or remote shoot locations. Our video inspections can be used in cases such as premises liability, product liability, faulty design, vehicle tests, and eminent domain cases.

Video Restoration/Enhancement

Enhance and restore the quality of police footage, unclear audio files, and clean-up grainy or shaky surveillance cameras footage.

Prepare your next case with my powerful, cost effective documentary style videos. Call now and set up an appointment with me to visit your office and present to you and your team some samples and demonstrate why everyone is eager to take advantage of these videos for their cases.


Request a Sample or Ask how we can help increase the value of your case, today!

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