Personal Injury/Criminal Defense Impact Videos

Day-in-the-Life VideoShow your opponents a glimpse of your clients’ damages, limited routines and activities of daily living with Day-in-the-Life videos. The simple yet powerful tool can have a profound effect on the jury, insurance adjustors and opposing council in poignantly communicating the damages.

Settlement DocumentaryGet the message across with our engaging documentary news style storytelling, to help portray your case through the eyes of your clients, friends and family members. With this creative and affordable tool, we can help you describe the damages with a narrated script, family interviews, and establish expert liability themes with a dramatic edge that can make the winning impact.

Wrongful Death Video – Deliver an emotional impact in ways that words can’t, with our Wrongful Death video portraits. A heart-wrenching collection of professionally filmed witness testimony, that invites the viewers and opponents to see, hear, and feel the pain and suffering that your witnesses are facing. With compiled home video clips and family interviews, we’ll produce a tangible product that will help you to evaluate your case and educate your audience about the true loss of a loved one.

Site InspectionCapture high-definition visual evidence for your case with our professional team of videographers and experts who use high-resolution photo and video cameras to capture and measure the product or places. Day or night, we’ll record quality video inspections on-site, interiors, vehicles, properties, underwater, outdoors, products and custom orders. We’re prepared for any condition or remote shoot locations. Our video inspections can be used in cases such as premises liability, product liability, faulty design, vehicle tests, and eminent domain cases.

Client Testimonials / Firm Marketing / Case Studies – Create an online video presence with PR and Firm 4K HD videos highlighting your professional brands, products, services and your previous wins with client testimonials.

Audio/Video Enhancement – Have some grainy footage or muffled audio? Send it to us and we will make it better to present for your client!

Video Expert Opinion – Need an expert opinion on some video footage you have? We can help

Expert Witness Testimony – We’ll go on the stand and give our expert opinion during trial. 

Sync Clips – Sync multiple clips from different angles.

Historic Development Videos

Developer Search Video- Trying to sell a historic property? We can help by producing an engaging and informative video. The final product will then be shared with over 70,000 preservationists on our partner websites and numerous developers across the US. We have had great success with this in the past with buildings such as the Menninger Clocktower in Topeka, Kansas. (Click to View Sample)

Announcement Video – Just acquired a historic or grand building and want to make an announcement? Have a grand opening you want to be filmed for social media? Let us produce an engaging and informative announcement video for your Social Media / Website.

Start to Finish Renovation Video – 3 Phase filming process, pay per phase! If you are about to start work on renovating/restoring a historic building let us help you tell your story. We can find out the history of your building and document in a beautifully packaged video the way your building looked before, during and after you came in to save it. This is a great tool to highlight your capabilities as a developer, educate the public on the history of the building, and highlight the hard work put into making the space look brand new! (Click to View Sample) Ask for a free quote!

Completion / Marketing Video – Already finished restoring the building and want to document the backstory? We can help! Or if you’re wanting to market your newly renovated masterpiece and highlight the journey you went through renovations, give us a call! 


Drone Cameras – With helicopter drone video, the sky is the no longer the limit! With our 4K HD quality you get the evidence you need in on-site disputes hovering over from above in property complaints and premises liability cases, our drone camera can be extremely useful in large-scale projects.

Narrative Writing – Documentary news and editorial writing for documentary videos.

Video Testing – Useful when you need to record vehicles in motion, vehicle speed-tests, crash tests, measurements of stopping and braking range and other hard-to-capture angles. Our high-def cameras can be custom rigged on any type of vehicle on land or water and can be used in high-speed and high-performance situations.

Website Design – Having trouble designing your website and need some extra help? Having designed over a dozen websites we will design a website that directly fits your needs and vision.


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