Attorney Services and Legal Impact Videos

Day-In-The-Life Video

Show your opponents a glimpse of your clients’ damages, limited routines and activities of daily living with Day-in-the-Life videos. 

Trial Trailer™ / Settlement Documentary

Get the message across with our engaging documentary news style storytelling, to help portray your case through the eyes of your client, their friends and family members. 

Video Expert Testimony/Witness

As Video Experts we're here to help you feel confident during trial and provide you with articulated and professional expert testimonies. Our testimony is crafted to be easily understood by the judge and jury.

Prairie Nation Creative, LLC has been called to the stand to give our expert testimony on anything video-related and would be honored to do the same for you! 

Wrongful Death Trial Trailer™

A heart-wrenching collection of professionally filmed witness testimony, that invites the viewers and opponents to see, hear, and feel the pain and suffering that your witnesses are facing. 

Vehicle Testing Video

Vehicle Testing Videos are great when you need to record vehicles in motion, vehicle speed-tests, crash tests, measurements of stopping and braking range and other hard-to-capture angles. Our high-def cameras can be custom rigged on any type of vehicle on land or water and can be used in high-speed and high-performance situations.

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