Historic Development Videos

Historic Restoration Marketing & Restoration Videos

Are you a someone that specializes in restoration, marketing or a developer? A vital part of Prairie Nation Creative is our high-quality real estate promotional videos. Our love for historic and modern architecture can be showcased in a positive light with one of our Historic Restoration Videos. Whether you are trying to sell a property or have successfully renovated a building and promoting its completion, we have got you covered.

This affordable tool will help spread awareness of your property and build your brand. Although we can provide pictures and drone video, we like to offer a product that goes way beyond the average real estate video. With over 10 years of experience dealing with adaptive reuse, historic preservation and educating the public about this importance. Let us make you a video that will guarantee a sale or inspiration to utilize your space!

Start to Finish Renovation Video

👇 Overview Video👇​


3 Phase filming process, pay per phase! If you are about to start work on renovating/restoring a historic building, let us help you tell your story. We can find out the history of your building and document in a beautifully packaged video the way your building looked before, during and after you came in to save it. This is a great tool to highlight your capabilities as a developer, educate the public on the history of the building, and highlight the hard work put into making the space look brand new!

End of Project Video

👇 Overview Video 👇

Our Completion/End of Project Package is for when we enter the equation after construction has already started and you are more than halfway done. This still gives us an opportunity to film the ending process of construction, the beauty shots after completion and fill in the beginning with history.  

History Video


Need to tell the history of a building, person or place? History is our passion and working together we can create an immersive experience to tell the stories and memories of your project.

Announcement Video

👇Overview Video👇


Just bought a historic building and need a press release video? Let us produce an engaging and informative announcement video for your Social Media / Website.


Developer Search Video

👇Overview Video👇


Trying to sell a historic property? We can help by producing an engaging and informative video. The final product will then be shared with over 70,000 preservationists on our partner websites and numerous developers across the US. We have had great success with this in the past with buildings such as the Menninger Clocktower in Topeka, Kansas