Sunshine Cleaners – Restored

Sunshine Cleaners | Restoration Project

Pivot Project - Stonecloud Brewing Company

Sunshine CleanersIn 2015 the abandoned Sunshine Cleaners would be given a second chance at life. New owners Ben Sellers, Jonathan Dodson, and David Wanzer purchased the building for $725,000 with visions of a brewery and tap room and offices. They took extra steps to add it to the National Register of Historic Places in 2016, a testimony to the buildings long and rich history. Everyone was arguable most excited to see the iconic neon sign light up again that has loomed over Classen Boulevard for decades. 

The developer of the project was Pivot Project partnering with Gardner Architects and Lingo Construction. After all was said and done the total redevelopment cost was around $3.93 million. Opening as Stonecloud Brewing in the summer of 2017, it has become a hub of enjoyable leisures for Oklahoma City residents.

Video by Prairie Nation Creative, LLC 2021


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