The Power of Legal Impact Videos

Settlement Videos & The Power of Data Visualization

Author – Michael Schwarz, owner Legal Impact Videos by Prairie Nation Creative

“Settlement Videos can be very helpful in settling faster and winning more.”

Impact Videos
Words don’t always paint the clearest picture. Raw data doesn’t always tell the most compelling story. The human mind is very receptive to visual information. That’s why data visualization is a powerful tool for communication. But if “data visualization” sounds tricky and technical don’t worry—it doesn’t have to be. 

Why Use Settlement Videos?

The successful video settlement documentary will use data visualization to bring your case to life and show the strength of your case in a way that the written word alone can never do. Here at Prairie Nation Creative | Legal Impact Videos, we are perfecting ways to do it faster while maintaining the intense attention to litigation details. 

Benefits to Verdict Videos include:

  • Opposing counsel and the parties at risk see the facts as you will present them in trial – may cause them to reevaluate their positions(s)
  • Prompts settlement
  • Avoids the emotional trauma of trial
  • Eliminates the risks and costs of trial


A settlement documentary can be a powerful tool for getting maximum compensation for you and your clients. Our settlement documentaries include damages, liability or both. We will show-and-tell what your client’s life was like before the incident, what happened and what his or her life is like today because of the defendant’s wrong doing.

At Legal Impact Video, our settlement documentaries are all-inclusive presentations which present liability and/or damages to an attorney, adjuster or claims committee at, or prior to, mediation for the purpose of resolving a claim. Our work will enhance the recovery for virtually any case.

The settlement documentaries video is comprised of witness interviews, day in the life video, medical statements, documents, crash reports, family snapshots, home videos, and police photos, among other things. It is, in sum, a data visualization of the case with an emotional storyline guided by the client. .

The liability is presented with honesty, visual truth, data visualization, clarity and focus. Even the attorneys we work for learn truths about their own clients. Data Visualization is a powerful tool. 

“Michael Schwarz and Prairie Nation Creative are amazing. They work with me and my clients on a regular basis. I cut him loose and he gets the job done. His work is exceptional!!! Will be using him in the future on many cases and just general work.

Would recommend him to anyone!!!”

Joe Carson, Esq


The Power of Legal Impact Videos

settlement documentaries & Verdict Videos

Our settlement documentaries are shot with professional, broadcast quality cameras and edited in our digital hi-def edit facility.

Here at PNC we have successfully interviewed thousands of witnesses on-camera for our documentaries. We are skilled at bringing out the information and emotion needed to help the adjuster to understand what the plaintiff case is all about. All interviews are professionally lit and video recorded using broadcast quality equipment. 

Once the interviews have been preserved, our editors and producers begin the task of quickly poring over the hours of interviews, pulling the sound bites which best tell the story, and stringing them together into a coherent presentation.

The final stage of editing a settlement documentary is matching the supplemental visuals with sound bites. This includes converting all data for visualization such as day-in-the-life video, family snapshots, home videos, medical records, 3-D animations, anatomical illustrations, crash reports, police photos, and countless other exhibits. For example, when the plaintiff describes problems navigating a stairway, we see the plaintiff struggling with the steps.

Settlement Videos


As Filmmakers and Legal Impact Video experts, we utilize the most compelling elements of your case that typically include a combination of the following:

  • On-camera interviews by a seasoned and compassionate Director/Filmmaker with your client(s), family members, friends, co-workers, employers – those who can speak to your client’s life prior to and since the incident
  • Expert interviews – These can include medical experts, accident reconstruction, life care planners, video wills, vocational experts, financial analysts and witnesses to the incident
  • Data Visualization meant to transfer information in a creative and explanatory way and added imaging for connecting it the clients unique journey
  • Experts’ reports – digital copies and images that include your experts’ analytic methods and conclusions reached, sections may be artistically included in the documentary using data visualization. 
  • Medical images – MRIs, CT scans, X-rays 
  • Police Reports
  • Photos and videos of the incident scene
  • Any surveillance and/or CCTV video and any needed video enhancement services
  • 911 Audio
  • Photos and/or Home Videos of your client(s) post injury
  • Photos and Home videos of your client pre-injury, or death, including happy times, holidays, activities and awards, work photos
  • Video, that we will shoot on site, showing your client’s current struggles

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