Forever Majestic – Feature Documentary

For a town like Hot Springs, Arkansas, The Majestic was more than just a hotel — it held an important place in the collective memory of the citizenry. Despite multiple owners and frequent promises to renovate, the building would sit empty and eventually catch on fire in 2014. Complicated and deeply personal, FOREVER MAJESTIC [...]

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Sunshine Cleaners OKC – RESTORATION!

Downtown Oklahoma City Restoration Project Pivot Project - StoneCloud Brewing In 2015 the abandoned Sunshine Cleaners building would be given a second chance at life. New owners Ben Sellers, Jonathan Dodson, and David Wanzer purchased the building for $725,000 with visions of a brewery and tap room and offices. They took [...]

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Put the Hot back in Hot Springs! – Fay Jones School of Architecture + Design

Fay Jones School of Architecture + Design "Put the Hot Back in Hot Springs" - Abandoned Interior Design Project Put the Hot back in Hot Springs! – Fay Jones School of Architecture and Design. In the Spring semester of 2021, the University of Arkansas’ Fay Jones School of Architecture + Design [...]

3 Ways In Which Video Evidence Can Make Or Break Your Personal Injury Case

Two decades ago, it was very rare to find a video recording of an accident. Technology has changed a lot over the years. Today, traffic video cameras are rolling round the clock in many places. You also have individual motorists and passengers who enjoy taking videos when they are moving on the highway. When an [...]

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How Personal Injury Settlement Videos Can Help Your Case

There are a lot of tools and resources a lawyer can use when putting together a case. From eyewitness testimony to photographs and videos, they can use anything that helps to prove the case for their client. In order to get a better idea of the different ways that videos can be used by [...]

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Menninger Clocktower – Developer Search

Topeka Kansas - Developer Search Project Menninger Clocktower “We had the opportunity to work with Prairie Nation Creative, LLC on a historic property project. We secured the services of Prairie Nation Creative to help us illustrate the history of the property and make it more appealing to prospective developers. Michael and [...]

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Oklahoma College of Court Reporting

High Demand Career in Court Reporting - Cassidy's Story - - High Demand Career in Court Reporting - 100% online training - 25 years of licensed career training - State and Nationally Approved. We are the oldest and most established court reporting school in the Midwest. We have been training court [...]

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Page Woodson / Douglass High School – RESTORATION!

Showcasing restoration efforts of the once abandoned Page Woodson Originally built as the Lowell School in 1910, this date was engraved above the west entrance. It quickly grew and the school was moved in 1933. Shortly after, the African American community added onto the structure and made the building Douglass High School's new home.After [...]

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Clem’s Bottling Plant – Teale Dentistry – RESTORATION!

Clem's Bottling Factory - Restoration Project Teale Dentistry - Malvern, AR "At Teale Dental Clinic we're proud to introduce our newest Malvern Family Dentistry location. We've spent many months tirelessly building our newest location, rich in history, into a state of the art dental facility. It's our goal to make each [...]

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